I am getting in touch because Dan is developing a paper to go to Cabinet in March on Alternative Provision. I have attached an outline that is going to Scrutiny next week that sets out the proposals.

Alternative provision Outline

We are developing a targeted engagement programme with a range of stakeholders, and I was wondering if you had a view on the best way to engage the Third Sector on this.

Engagement has begun with some groups (i.e. head teachers and professionals within schools and the NHS), and we are planning engagement via the schools with families and pupils.

Dan is happy to go and speak to groups about the proposals, address meetings or get together with small working groups. Whatever would work best.

If you have any queries just get in touch.



Joel Rasbash

Strategic Policy and Scrutiny Advisor

Resources and Transformation Directorate | Cumbria County Council

The Courts | Carlisle | CA3 8NA

m: 07825103565


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